Don’t replace your key, Let A+ Mobile Locksmith fix it!

Car key misfortunes seldom occur in convenient places.

That’s why we at A+ Mobile LockSmith will come to you, wherever you might be in the Inland Empire. In service of your high-performing vehicle, we’ve got you covered.

Based in Redlands and San Bernardino, we proudly serve the entire Inland Empire and surrounding areas. We are prepared to open your locked vehicle, repair or test your key, or make a replacement, right where you are! Specializing in luxury cars, from Maserati to BMW, we are also well versed in the latest key fob technology. Losing access to your vehicle can be quite stressful. Make sure that your key repair and replacement is just the opposite!

Reasons to Choose

A+ Mobile Locksmith?


No need to find your way to us because we’ll come to you! Like your Hummer travels anywhere, so will we! We strive to provide you with the most convenient and simple solution to your luxury car’s key troubles.

Full Service

Although our expertise is focused on luxury vehicles, we can service your car key, no matter its make and model. So, whether it is a Volkswagen, Chevy, Mercedes, or Maserati—we are prepared to meet the needs of your particular car key.

Cost Efficiency

Avoid your dealership! This is your priciest and least convenient option. Instead, opt for a seamless experience and a better price for your key and car repairs.

We specialize in key repair and replacement for the following luxury car brands: Mercedes • Maserati • Porsche • Infinity • Jaguar • Land Rover/Ranger • Hummer • Lexus • BMW

Lost Your Car Key?

Rummaged through your purse a few dozen times? Checked between seats and under stacks of paper? It’s not in your junk drawer or left at work. We’ve all been there. When it’s time to face the facts and accept that your keys really are gone, we have a solution for you! Forget the dreaded and pricey tow truck. We’ll come where you are with a replacement key so you can get back on your way.

Emergency Key
Needs & Services

Desperately typing? Suddenly sweating? Cursing your car key? You may be having what we call, a key-induced panic attack. So we’ll cut to the chase. Call us for a quick response to your emergent key issues. If you need a broken key removed or you’re running late without access to your vehicle, we’ll be there for you.

Full-Service Mobile Vehicle Locksmith

Whether you drive an Audi, RV, motorcycle or Marty McFly’s time-traveling DeLorean, we’ve got you covered. Though we specialize in high-performance cars, we service all makes and models to include whatever vehicle you drive. This involves physical key cutting as well as programming services. So, however you get around, no matter if it’s a Jaguar or a rusty Jeep, call on us for your car key woes.

Emergency Key
Needs & Services

Car key complexity is on the rise, especially in those made for luxury vehicles. For example, smart keys, designed for cars including the Aston Martin and Cadillac, have some pretty high-tech features. So, we’re here for your assistance when that technology goes awry. If you have a problem with your key fob or your smart key suddenly stops working, call on us. Forget the headache of the dealership. Instead, opt for the same quality of service that comes with a lower cost and a better experience. We will come to you to troubleshoot and understand what might be going on. And from there, we can assist in reprogramming your key.

We specialize in key repair and replacement

Meet The A+ Mobile Locksmith Team

A+ Mobile Locksmith was founded in response to the need for on-location key services, particularly for high-performance vehicles. And in our many years of business, we have been proud to serve the Redlands community and surrounding area. Meet our team of expert vehicle locksmiths and transponder programmers. In dedication to your convenience, they are on-call and ready to meet you where you are.

John Alvarado

Michey Garcia
auto technician and locksmith

We also regularly service the following car brands for key repair and replacement: Honda • Toyota • Subaru • Ford • Chevy • Kia • Nissan • Dodge • Jeep • Audi • Volkswagen

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