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key programming

Keys Specialties


Key Programming Specialties

We at Vehicle Locksmith specialize in dealer level keying needs. Honda and Toyota engine computers can be reprogrammed at a great cost savings to you as the consumer. When the dealer recommends these systems to be changed, we at Vehicle Locksmith can save you time and money. Audi and Volkswagen, BMW and Jaguar also have dealer level keying needs. We at Vehicle Locksmith have the specialized equipment and experience to meet these types of keying needs.

Key Replacement and Duplication

Maybe you just want to have an extra set of keys for that “just in case” moment where you accidentally lose your keys, or they are stolen or broken. Our quick duplication service will provide you with a “just in case” set of keys. We can also duplicate high security keys for you as well.

key programming

When we replace your lost keys for any vehicle we will also program your new keys or duplicate keys to properly function and work with your vehicle’s computer system.

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