Don’t replace your key, Let A+ Mobile Locksmith fix it!

About A+ Mobile Locksmith

Our mission is to provide a quality Mobile Locksmith and Programming service to customers and Independent automotive shops needing a dealer level service and beyond. Specializing in fine Exotic European automobiles.

Whether you’re heading to work, meeting a friend, or on a So Cal road trip, you probably didn’t anticipate a key mishap.

When your transportation plans get sidetracked, so does everything else.

We understand the inconvenience and stress of such an unexpected setback. Give us a call for the best solution for your luxury car and quickest way to get back on the road.

We are a part of the Redlands business community. And as such, we take pride in serving our town and the surrounding area. This encompasses the entire Inland Empire of Southern California. So, wherever you are in this region, whether in your hot new Lamborghini or your inherited 93’ Toyota Camry, we’ve got you covered.

Before you go to a dealership

With our services, there’s no need to visit your dealership. Upon initial evaluation of your problem, we will decipher what the core issue is and which is the culprit: your key or your car. Though they are typically high-performing, electronic keys can face interference from a tripped security protocol. In these cases, your situation will require a simple and quick fix.

We have the parts, technology, and expertise to solve your biggest key issues to your luxury vehicle. Call on us for key fob tests, repairs, duplicates and reprogramming. We are equipped with everything you need to get back on the road.

Knowledgeable Technicians

Keys and security technology repair is what we at A+ Mobile Locksmith do best. Our technicians are well versed in the operation of your luxury car’s key fob and are prepared with solutions. And while many cases may present as an issue with your key, it may instead be one with your car. That’s why our team is trained in complete auto mechanics, specializing in high-performance vehicles from Mercedes to Land Rover to Porsche. With a full-service repair garage, we can evaluate the root issue with your car and implement a solution! No need to find another service center for car repair. We will assist the needs of your car and its relation to your key until every problem is resolved.

Meet John Alvarado

John is the owner here at A+ Mobile Locksmith, bringing a breadth of experience to our team. Over four decades, he worked as an auto mechanic and managed a repair garage in the Inland Empire for 18 years.

However, he has always had a knack for technology. So, as cars began to implement more electronic elements, John embraced a new opportunity. He took an interest in key fob-vehicle communication and acquired expertise in anti-theft systems. Now, he couples his knowledge of auto mechanics and programmed technology to run A+ Mobile Locksmith with excellence.

We at A+ Mobile Locksmith work on refining our skills and keeping them up-to-date. That’s why we are prepared to attend to any technical innovation in whatever vehicle you might have. You can count on us to meet you where you are and get you back up and running. Don’t hesitate to give us a call when your key leaves you stranded.

Michey Garcia, auto technician and locksmith

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