Don’t replace your key, Let A+ Mobile Locksmith fix it!

Vehicle Locksmith Services

On-Location Mobile Services for your Auto Locksmith Needs

Forget a tow truck, don’t try to hitchhike and for goodness sake, don’t walk the 20 miles home!

When you need key assistance but you’re far from help, we have a simple solution. We offer mobile auto locksmith services, particularly for luxury vehicles from Lexus to Jaguar. Let us meet you wherever you are in the Inland Empire! We’ll come to you for all of your car key troubles and get you back on the road.

Car Key Cutting

Over time, as they undergo everyday wear and tear, keys will eventually need replacement.

Producing a duplicate however requires equipment that is fine-tuned and perfectly precise. Inadequacy in this process will leave you with a finicky and unreliable key. That’s why we at A+ Mobile Locksmith maintain our technology for its optimal performance. You can be assured that your key is replicated with complete accuracy.

Vehicle Anti Theft Issues

Your car is on the defense against crime.

In protection of you and your valuables, some cars can pose a challenging break-in. Equipped with an anti-theft device, your car might flash lights and sound alarms when triggered. And this is a good thing… most of the time. But once you have confirmed the safety of your vehicle, you’ll be ready to get back on your way. We at A+ Mobile Locksmith are prepared to reset your anti-theft system or replace and service its module. When your protective devices become better at waking up the whole neighborhood than ensuring your safety, call on us.

Vehicle Rekeying Services

Has your lock tumbler or ignition “eaten” your key?

Perhaps you’ve done everything to get it out, but there is no hope now. When your carnivorous car renders your key stuck or damaged, we can help. We will cut and reprogram your replacement key and then attend to the damaged lock. Upon repairs, your lock and key will be working seamlessly once again!

Replacement key fobs, remotes and transponder chips

Our shop is stocked with replacement parts and factory products, especially those for luxury cars.

Missing buttons, stray wires, or a dying battery standing in the way of a functioning key? We’ve got you covered!  No need to spend the extra time and money at a dealership. Opt for a simple solution to any minor key problem.

Electronic key programming and duplication

Believe it or not, your key fob is a tiny, pocket-sized security guard for your luxury car.

It includes an authentication protocol, to which your car’s onboard security system responds. This is what enables your car to lock, unlock and start. Fancy, huh? Unfortunately, if anything disrupts this sophisticated communication, your vehicle will be rendered inoperable. But don’t worry, that’s where we come in! We don’t want to toot our own horn, but our staff is pretty smart. They know just what to do to implement highly-specialized programming and technology to make repairs. And while the dealership will require more of your time and a hefty price, we can fix your key within a day and for less!

No matter your car,

we can make specialty keys and apply associated coding

Also known as internal cut or sidewinder keys, these are designed with special security. The unlocking code is cut into the center groves of the key as to discourage duplication. Therefore, recreating a laser cut key requires particular equipment, as well as programming for its transponder chip. Most European cars will use these keys. Brands included: Mercedes, Porsche, Audi, Volkswagen, BMW, Saab, Volvo, Lamborghini, Bentley, and Lexus.

These are the most common type of key. In fact, in about 95% of all cars, including Toyota, Chevrolet, BMW, Infiniti, and Hummer, you can expect to have a transponder key! This key will include a transponder chip within the key fob. It will also require special programming for repair or replacement.

If you own a Mercedes, Audi, Acura, Aston Martin, Cadillac or Ford, you might just have a smart key! Appropriately named, these keys are the most sophisticated of them all. No, they don’t have some fancy degree from an Ivy league, but they do offer a completely keyless entry. And though they’re pretty cool, they require special coding to repair.

Exclusively made for GM vehicles, this Vehicle Anti Theft System key involves a built-in security system that communicates with your car. In the case that this communication is impaired, your vehicle will not start. And if there is a problem with this multi-step security system, your car will be inoperable until a technician resets it.

These are specific to Jaguar and Ford vehicles. They consist of 6 rotating locking discs that must align before the car is unlocked. Such an intricate design with numerous cuts make duplication of these keys rather difficult. It requires specialized and hard-to-find equipment.

These do not require physical contact with your car. Rather, when close enough, they will read a card or key tag that allows the car to be locked, unlocked and to start the engine. So sit back, relax, and start your engine from the comfort of your couch. This luxury is specially made for the owners of a Porsche, Land Rover, Bentley, Maserati, Audi, Lexus, BMW and Lamborghini. These often require electronic coding and diagnostic technology.

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