Don’t replace your key, Let A+ Mobile Locksmith fix it!

Vehicle Rekeying Services

Has your lock tumbler or ignition “eaten” your key? Perhaps you’ve done everything to get it out, but there is no hope now.

Anti-Theft Issues

Your car is on the defense against crime. In protection of you and your valuables, some cars can pose a challenging break-in. Equipped with an anti-theft device, your car might flash lights and sound alarms when triggered. And this is a good thing…most of the time.

But once you have confirmed the safety of your vehicle, you’ll be ready to get back on your way. We at A+ Mobile Locksmith are prepared to reset your anti-theft system or replace and service its module. When your protective devices become better at waking up the whole neighborhood than ensuring your safety, call on us.


If you have a broken ignition which requires a lock tumbler to be replaced or repaired, we at Vehicle Locksmith will be there for you. With all the new vehicle technology and the electrical switches needed to start your vehicle, we at Vehicle Locksmith have the expertise to assist your vehicle needs. If your vehicle has no cranking going on, we can diagnose your problem and help you on your way to moving about again.


When your carnivorous car renders your key stuck or damaged, we can help. We will cut and reprogram your replacement key and then attend to the damaged lock. Upon repairs, your lock and key will be working seamlessly once again!

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