Don’t replace your key, Let A+ Mobile Locksmith fix it!

mercedes key replaced

Need Your Mercedes Key Replaced? Here are Your Options.

When it comes to Mercedes cars past 2009, the keys are all the same. That’s good news for you—we can easily fix, replace, duplicate or program your Mercedes key fob without the long wait and high cost of the dealership!

Drive an older Mercedes? No problem, we’ve still got you covered. APlus Mobile Locksmith specializes in Mercedes key Repair and Replacement and can meet you where you are.

A common issue with Mercedes transponder keys is that they’re linked with Mercedes’ signature Driver Authorization System (DAS). If there’s a glitch in your DAS, it may look like your key isn’t working.

If you’re not sure which it is, try your spare key first, if you have one with you. If not, we can test your key on location or at our shop. If the key still works but your car still won’t start, you can set up an appointment with our certified mechanic to fix your DAS.

Need you Mercedes key Replaced
This 2006 Mercedes E350 belongs to a doctor that needed an extra key—but he didn’t have time to come to the shop. We went to him, at his office, and made his key in the parking lot.

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